Mediation Beats Litigation

As an Arizona attorney since 1985, I have handled many types of cases, from commercial litigation to bankruptcy, collections to domestic relations.  I have represented hundreds of people in their pursuit of a litigated resolution to their disputes. Some years ago I began to reflect on the process of traditional litigation and it’s aftermath and led me to become a firm believer in mediation. 

Numerous clients have voiced their frustration with the lengthy, seemingly never-ending, requirements for resolution. Discovery, deposition, motion practice, and clogged court calendars dragged a final resolution out for months or years.  The expense of such Dickensian actions  only served to make the outcome oppressively expensive.  When resolved, the result rarely left the parties happy. More often than not, one party came out completely vanquished and crushed.  It was at this point I began looking into Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation. 

The voluntary nature of Mediation means both parties believe a mutually acceptable resolution to their issue is possible.  The confidential nature of Mediation allows the parties to negotiated their agreement far from the preying eyes of the public.  Since the cumbersome tools of traditional litigation-discovery, deposition,  motion practice-are not a part of mediation, this streamlined  process moves much faster to result. This, in turn, makes the process much less expensive. Faster, less expensive, more acceptable results. 

My practice emphasizes divorce and custody issues, business disputes and commercial litigation in Tempe and the greater Phoenix area. You need the skill set and life experience that serve me well as a Mediator. I look forward to helping you find an appropriate resolution to your conflict.